Win a Free Conference Ticket

Win a conference ticket for infertilityDo you want a free conference ticket to our 2023 Moms in the Making conference? We have two ways you can win one:

1 – Host a Facebook or Instagram fundraiser on your account and raise at least $500. We have some recommendations to make this successful for you:

    • Create your fundraiser here.
    • The default goal when creating a fundraiser is $200. We recommend raising it to $1,000.
    • There is also a default message, but we recommend personalizing the message. Why are you passionate about Moms in the Making? How has the ministry impacted you? Why should someone donate to Moms in the Making? Adding any personal testimonies will always help.
    • You can invite friends to donate to your fundraiser or ask them to share your fundraiser on your behalf.
    • You can share your fundraiser as many times as you want to.
    • Once you raise $500 through your fundraiser, please take a screenshot of your name and amount and fill out this form.

2 – Introduce us to a potential conference sponsor who sponsors at a $500 level or higher

    • This needs to be someone we do not already have a connection or contact with and has not previously sponsored
    • Think about your friends, co-workers, neighbors, church community, family members and more. What businesses do they own? A conference sponsor can be anyone from a small shop to a large company. Need some ideas?
      • Fertility clinics, adoption agencies, obgyn’s, pediatricians, midwives and more.
      • Pregnancy tests, ovulations kids and more
      • Spas, salons – anything beauty or self-care related
      • Vitamins, speciality foods or any Health-related items
      • Christian-based counselors – women growing their family often need counseling
      • Financial planners – women growing their family need financial guidance and strategy
      • Car dealerships – women growing their family often need a new car
      • Realtors – women growing their family often purchase a new home for more space
      • The list is endless… boutiques, Etsy shops, travel agents, restaurants, doctors, baby items, fertility items, business owners and MORE!!!
    • Having a hard time thinking about the people in your life who would want to sponsor? Pray about it! Ask the Lord for wisdom and guidance on any relationships you have with individuals or business owners.
    • Have a potential sponsor who wants more information? All you have to do introduce us to them. Fill out this form and we will do the rest. Once they sign on as a sponsor we will email you with information about your free ticket.

Both offers are available through August 31, 2023.

Do you already have your 2023 conference ticket? You can gift your free ticket to a friend!