Pregnant After Poor Egg Quality Diagnosis chrissy

Pregnant After Poor Egg Quality Diagnosis

“After unsuccessfully trying to conceive since March of 2015, my husband Patrick and I received the devastating test results in January of 2016 that my egg quality and quantity were terrible. The weeks that followed were heartbreaking while we went to more appointments, had additional testing and met with an RE. Our chances of conceiving with IUI and IVF were 8-20%. We decided to try IUI with our local OB/GYN instead of traveling 3.5 hours to Chicago for IVF. We suffered through two failed IUI’s and one month where the drugs didn’t even generate any eggs. 

During National Infertility Week in April we started sharing our story and not hiding in the “shame” of infertility. This year’s theme was “Start Asking” so we asked for prayers. We shared our story with our closest friends and asked them to pray for us, for our parents to become grandparents, for insurance companies and employers to cover fertility treatments, for a baby, and lastly for coming to terms if there never would be a baby.

June 1st we finally had a positive pregnancy test and asked these same people for continued prayers that were would be a heartbeat, a healthy pregnancy and eventually a baby. Although this pregnancy has not been easy, I believe God has placed the right doctors, nurses, hospital/NICU, friends and prayer warriors in my life. I have been hospitalized since November 17th due to Vasa Previa and Placenta Previa, but tomorrow, December 28th at 34 weeks we will meet our miracle baby that we never dreamed we could have. To God Be the Glory!”

Chrissy McCosky

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