When Science Said No, God Said Yes

In January 2021, after a failed IUI, I came to Moms in the Making with a heart full of anger and with the question, “why me?” I always thought that if I had enough money for the fertility treatments that this wouldn’t happen to me.

I went through 11 years of infertility and I got plenty of diagnoses. The last one was: unknown causes. With many sacrifices, we got the money and tried IVF; it was our last resource. The result: no embryos and no hope of trying again because of my egg quality.

There were 2 virtual meetings from Moms in the Making that changed my life. In one of them, we learned about contentment, and in the other, my leader made a key question: “If God doesn’t give you a child, would you still love Him?” I felt something breaking inside of me and I was free. I told God, “I will never stop loving you.” And I then felt His peace. That’s how I started 2022.

On February 14th of 2022, after 12 years of infertility and 16 years of marriage, we finally got a positive test. Where science said no, God said yes. God showed me that I didn’t need money. He gave us our miracle baby the natural way, with no treatments. Donovan was born on September 26th of 2022. Now I’m part of Moms Made. God transformed my life through Moms in the Making.

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