We Prepared a Baby Nursery in Faith

My husband Mark and I began trying to add to our little family over 6 years ago. Mark had just come home for good after 4 years of military life and we instantly began trying. Infertility didn’t exist in either of our families so we were shocked that months passed by and we still weren’t pregnant. Staying positive though, we made huge faith purchases, bought my dream baby crib in 2015 and Mark began painting the nursery right away. We were determined to stay faithful and knew in our hearts that someday there would be a baby in that room.

Several years passed with no baby in sight and we started losing hope. My dream crib sat in the same box it was delivered in and eventually the room we once called our nursery quickly became the storage room. It was a painful reminder of what we didn’t yet have.

In October 2017 I attended the first Moms in the Making conference and all my hope that I had lost was renewed with a deep fire and will power to keep fighting for our dream. We began buying more and more baby faith purchases. I walked into a baby store for the first time in years and didn’t feel pain, loss, hurt or burst into tears of sadness. God’s perfect love healed me! He turned all that bad stuff and transformed it into joy, hope and boldness to never give up!

Now fast forward to present day and our nursery is complete! It’s my favorite room in our house. Everything about that room makes my heart so happy. I go in the room and I dream about the life and memories we will make in this room. I pray over our crib where our child will lay their head to sleep. I pray over the tree bookshelf that my amazing husband built all by himself. I can’t wait to read bedtime stories all together! I rock in the same rocking chair my mom rocked me when I was a baby and pray over the day I will rock my baby to sleep. We may not have our baby yet but we know he or she is coming and when they do, their nursery is ready for them! I pray a boldness covers you and God leads you to make some beautiful faith purchases! Remember His promises never fail!

Stephanie Kaiser – Burleson, Texas

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