We Welcomed Our Miracle Baby Girl via IVF

Having children was brought up on date number two with my husband. He has 3 from a previous marriage and at the time a vasectomy, so I wanted to be sure we had the same desires.

After 6 months of negative pregnancy tests, we began seeking treatment. In addition to endometriosis, I was diagnosed with low AMH, and because after the vasectomy, my husband’s sperm built up antibodies making it more difficult to conceive naturally.

We decided to try an IUI to see how my body responded, and on our first wedding anniversary we got a negative pregnancy test, and a period. A few months later, around September of 2020, we decided to move forward with IVF.

By this time, the enemy had taken root and isolated me. Though family was always loving and supportive, I didn’t know a single person who had struggled to conceive. The pain of a long fertility journey mixed with the unknown of a global pandemic, I just felt isolated.

However, I just KNEW I couldn’t be alone in this pain. A quick Facebook search for a support group led me to Moms in the Making, and in God’s perfect timing, there was a conference the following weekend. In person. In the middle of a global pandemic. Easily drivable distance. I KNEW I had to be there.

I had never experienced the Holy Spirit like I did that weekend. I had never felt so loved, so seen, or so understood. I knew I had found my community and quickly got as plugged in as I could.

We moved forward with IVF that winter, but all 3 of our embryos rested.

September of 2021 we received a positive pregnancy test. Sadly, at just 6 short weeks, we miscarried. God knew exactly where I needed to be, as it was the weekend of the 2021 Moms in the Making conference.

As our hearts healed we continued to lean on the Lord and trust in His plan even though we didn’t understand it. We continued to be patient as we grew our relationship with Him. We found a church home, joined Bible studies, and I began leading a MITM group.

And then… in the winter of 2022 we got our second positive pregnancy test and in August of 2023 we welcomed our little girl, Addalynn Mae, to the world.

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