We Saw a Heartbeat After a Threatened Miscarriage

In 2023, we found out that we are pregnant with miracle number 2! We had been trying for a little over two years and we’re so excited!

But about a week after we saw our positive test, I started bleeding. We went to the ER and they did multiple tests and ultrasounds, but it was so early, they just said, “we don’t know what way this pregnancy will go yet, but have to call it a threatened miscarriage.” Obviously we were stressed and worried, but we had faith that God would keep our baby alive and we would “see His goodness in the land of the living”. We had to wait 48 hours to take another test and then my OB ordered a third test so we had to wait 48 hours more. It was a traumatic yet strengthening time. I wouldn’t wish it on anyone, to not know what is happening with your unborn baby, but it made me really hang onto God.

We finally heard back that our HCG numbers were still rising and when we went back to our OB, we had another ultrasound and saw little one’s heart beat flicking on the screen! God is so good! He even allowed my husband time off of work to come to the last minute OB appointment and he got to see our baby on the screen, too!

One final little testimony…while we were in our double 48 hour wait, we had some family pictures that I had scheduled waaaay back before we even knew about our new little one. We wanted to announce the  arrival with some cute pictures, but I was so scared to do that after our bleeding scare. I felt this was a step of faith in God to take and just show Him I KNOW He’s going to pull through. Now we have these beautiful pictures and crazy memories and testimony of God’s goodness. We know He is blessing this pregnancy and will be with us every step of the way!

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