We Conceived Through IVF After My Husband’s Cancer Diagnosis

We Conceived Through IVF After My Husband's Cancer Diagnosis moms in the making

My husband and I have been together for 10 years. When my husband was 21 years old he was diagnosed with testicular cancer. The doctors informed him he would have a 50/50 chance at having a kid naturally. After 7 years of trying we finally decided to see a fertility specialist. Upon the tests we had to do we were sadly informed that my husband was not producing any sperm so having kids naturally just would not happen.

The chemotherapy my husband went through most likely killed any sperm he had. My world just fell apart at that doctor’s office. But we later found out from my husband’s mother that before his chemotherapy, they froze some sperm just in case. After calling different cities we finally found the sperm. We decided to pursue IVF, but after finding out the initial cost of $20,000 I just felt we were not going to have a kid. Every set back became a set up for God to prevail. God made a way for us to have the funds to go through with IVF.

We went through IVF and our transfers worked. We are currently 33 weeks pregnant and will be due on May 14th 2022 with a miracle baby boy. God showed up through the dark places in my life after finding out we possibly couldn’t have a kid. I didn’t know it at the time but he was molding this perfect ending. Thank you Moms in the Making and all the individuals I have met along the way for the support and encouragement — it has been amazing.

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