We Clung to God’s Promises And Now We Are Pregnant

My name is Denise and together with my husband Giorgio, we were praying and asking God to bless us with children. We waited and waited, but nothing happened. In 2019 I finally got pregnant. Our hearts were full of joy, but then I unfortunately miscarried. The doctor said that it would be difficult for me to be pregnant because of my high level of prolactin and my polycystic ovaries.

Despite that, we were sure that the Lord would bless us with children one day, at the perfect time, because God talked to us in several dreams and through prophecies. We dreamed more than once about babies and me being pregnant.

I decided to fast and to seek the Lord more than ever. During that time I read Caroline’s book “In Due Time“. It gave me soooo much strength and hope. I also declared over my womb all of God’s promises written in that amazing book.

During that time our faith and our personal relation with Jesus grew enormously. Paul’s words in James 1:2-3 were so powerful to us. We were sure about God’s promise and happy about the test/trial we had to overcome to one day give all the Glory to our mighty God Jesus Christ.

All the patience was worth it. After 5 years of waiting, exactly the 24th of December 2021 we discovered that I was pregnant. Right now I’m entering in the 6th month of pregnancy and the due date of our miracle baby girl is at the end of August 2022.

We never lost faith and kept praying. I want to encourage all of you to keep believing in God’s promises without doubting and to always look to Jesus. He knows the perfect time for your miracle.

I send all of you huge hugs from Italy e tanti baci!

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