We Can’t Wait to See God Move

A few weeks ago my husband and I were anointed with oil and prayed over at church, just a little private thing with our preacher, my dad, and my two brothers. God had been dealing with me for a while about doing that and I’m so glad I did! There was overwhelming peace and power in that room that was without a doubt from God! When we finished praying, my preacher talked about how Abraham was promised a child and within a year he held that promise. For the next few days, one phrase was constantly on my mind…”within a year”.

I felt that it was a word from God for me but was also afraid I was grasping at straws so I didn’t say anything to my husband or anyone else. The weeks since then there has been such peace in my heart! Like I haven’t felt this entire journey! Even the holiday get togethers with so many kids running around didn’t bother me, just peace. Fast forward 2 weeks, we stopped by Walmart after church for a few things and I asked my husband if he minded if I walked through the baby aisle for any potential faith purchases. Normally he goes to look at other things but this time he went with me and even picked out a cute onesie set. I mentioned on the way back to church that night that I was happy to see him excited about things for our future child.

He told me that God had given him a phrase after we were prayed over that had given him the answer he had needed for peace. When I asked what phrase, it was the exact same one God had given me!! I truly believe that it was a word from God for both of us! I don’t know yet what is meant by that “within a year”, but I have faith that God is going to do something big in our lives within that year and can’t wait to see Him move!

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