We Are Pursuing Embryo Adoption

pursuing embryo adoption

After 3 years of infertility, male factor and then labeled as unexplained, we did 3 IUIs in 2021. Faced with the decision of IVF I knew God had more for us so over the last 6 months we prayed for our next steps. It’s so easy to just jump to the next thing in this journey but I’m a strong believer in letting the Holy Spirit guide me, knowing He will provide peace. I told our RE I needed to pray about it so fast forward 6 months and through a series of signs from Holy Spirit, we are now pursuing embryo adoption.

I don’t have one doubt that this is where God has led us. God shows a picture of adoption as us as His children so many times through His word and I’m so grateful He’s led us here. We have a ways to go financially but I know where God guides, He provides. We also don’t have our embryos selected yet but I know God knew this would be our story long before I did. I know He created those babies for us. I pray that the donor family will know that these babies will be raised up to know the Lord. They have been prayed over for so long.

Recently at conference, I had women surround me and pray over me and felt the peace of Holy Spirit once again! Once I received my prophetic card it read “your middle name is courage. You have processed things well and your heart is tender and sensitive to where God is leading you!” Y’all, I don’t believe in coincidence. The last 6 months of processing has led us here. It led me to that very moment at conference. A reminder that this is no easy journey but through the wait if you lean into Christ, the peace you receive far outweighs the pain. He’s called me to share my story and I pray that through that people come to know Him.

Another surreal part of conference was when every single one of my girls stood up when asked “whose relationship has been restored because of Moms in the Making?” I had a moment of thankfulness as tears streamed down my face! Look at what God has done! A year ago I didn’t know one woman in my group and now there’s a sisterhood of 9 of us. God has done so much in my own life but to see what all He’s doing in the lives of my girls is a reminder of His faithfulness and that no one is walking this road alone!

Alexis – Celina, Texas

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