Waiting for God to Match Us Through Adoption

Alyssa Beckerdite and her husband

In January 2019, my husband and I decided we were being called to adoption. After nearly five years trying to conceive, fertility treatments and miscarriage we took a step back and really listened to what God was telling us. Starting the adoption process is daunting. You have piles of paperwork, countless home study visits and not to mention a mountain of money to produce.

In April 2019, I sat at the Moms in the Making Leadership Retreat and said I didn’t think God had any more miracles to pour out onto us. Five months later we had saved and raised everything we needed for activation. Now we have been active since the day before the 2019 Moms in the Making conference waiting to be matched.

Moms in the Making constantly reminds me of the truth and the promises God made to us. They help remind us constantly that God placed parenthood on our hearts and He would fulfill His promise to us. The friends I’ve made through prayer partners have been the best support system through all the highs and lows of adoption. The annual conference comes at exactly the right time that I need a spiritual refill and hugs from my closest friends!

Alyssa Beckerdite – Greenwood, Missouri 

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