Two Adoptions and a Miracle Pregnancy After 9 Years

I’ll never forget the day that the fertility specialist said to us after lots of testing, “there isn’t a reason why you shouldn’t already be pregnant or have a child.” After testing, the doctor marked us with unexplained infertility. We continued on with more fertility treatments for another year and then got to a point that made us both think that we weren’t in the direction that God had designed for us.

I was in a dark hole and miserable. When others around me became pregnant, I was forced to put on a fake smile and hold the tears back. One day, while standing in the kitchen, I remember looking at my husband with bags under my eyes, a steady frown on my face and a cold heart. “What do we do?” “We pray,” he said.

It was around this time I started following In Due Time and Moms in the Making. When we started our infertility journey, I felt very alone. I was ashamed, and couldn’t bare the thought of even asking for support. I isolated myself. Then, I finally reached a place where I surrendered the shame and started to seek support. As I read the testimonies I started to connect with people, which is when I started to feel hope again.

After several failed attempts of fertility treatments, God placed adoption on our hearts after I’m not saying that the adoption process was a piece of cake. It wasn’t. It still exhausting. But I could finally breathe. And, in God’s perfect timing and plan, our biggest fear and darkness turned to joy and light!

Ryan and I became parents through the gift of adoption. We decided to go back into the program 2 years later. We prayed and anticipated the day in which we would be a family of four. Our second miracle came to us through the gift of adoption as well. And just when we thought God’s plan had prevailed, He surprised us to prove that anything is possible with Him. After 9 years of trying, God naturally surprised us in September with a positive pregnancy test. No doctors, no medicine, no crazy diets, no special instructions, just Him. Baby Girl is due soon and we can’t wait to teach her that with Him, anything is possible!

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