Twins After 5 IVF Treatments and One Miscarriage

In 2017, when I attended the MITM conference in Texas I was completely out of faith. I was desperate for community and people who were walking the same hard journey I was walking. We were in the midst of IVF treatments and I wanted to be surrounded by other women who completely understood where my heart was.
The MITM conference changed my life and I literally came back so refreshed and ready to receive the miracle that was waiting around the big mountain we were climbing. My attitude changed and I was waiting to receive the blessing that I knew was coming. This time last year we had experienced 3 rounds of failed IVF treatments that just didn’t work and a miscarriage from IVF as well. My heart was completely broken and overwhelmed with why this was happening to my husband and I when we desperately prayed and believed God would give us a miracle baby.
Rewind to last October when I sadly couldn’t attend the MITM conference because I was pregnant with our miracle babies. Yes babies! God blessed us with identical twins on our 5th IVF transfer. There was a 1% chance that the embryo would split and God did the 1%. We implanted 2 embryos which would make fraternal twins but only one took and it split. We now have twin girls named Faith and Grace who are 12 weeks old.
After 5 rounds of IVF and 1 miscarriage God did the impossible and made my body not only carry one baby but two healthy babies that He had planned all along. The enemy wanted to try and defeat me and bring me down many times in our journey of infertility and loss but the Lord finished what He started even if it took years of waiting and praying. I’m forever grateful for finding this community of women who believe and do life together.

Ashley Swertfager

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