Twin Pregnancy from IUI

After a year of marriage my husband and I decided we were ready to start a family. After a year of trying we visited the RE which ran many tests and diagnosed us with MFI. We worked with a urologist and and even took a few breaks. In one our breaks we fell pregnant naturally, however we miscarried 8 weeks later. It broke our hearts. We were ready to give up and kept thinking, “Why us God? We have good jobs, a supportive family, a nice house and the perfect place to raise a child.” I was mad at God. I felt like he was punishing us for something.
In the meantime, I joined Moms in the Making after finding it on Pinterest. The group kept me sane while TTC. I could share my feelings, thoughts, and not only are the ladies in the same boat, but share the same faith that God does miraculous things! I have made many friends and even attended the first MITM conference last October. I cherish the friendships I have made and LOVE the support and extra prayers. It gave me a place to talk about my feelings and lead me to a better relationship with God.
It took me turning ALL my trust over to Him. I had to learn that I am not in control HE is. And after a few months break we visited the urologist who stated my husband’s numbers were in the normal range. At that time, we decided to give IUI a try. During that time, I had received a bonus from work which was the exact amount needed for us to complete IUI. How is that not a sign from God?
July came rather quickly and it was our month to try. The day I went to for my first scan and pay for the procedure was the SAME day the bonus money was deposited into our account. I just knew it was a sign. From that moment on I knew and trusted God that this was our month! Sure enough, few weeks later we tested positive. Two weeks after that we found out TWINS! UPDATE: The twins were born this week at 29 weeks and are in the NICU, doing well.
Ladies, do not give up! Put your trust in God. It’s in his hands and he has a plan for you. 

Anna Stantz – Florida

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