Twin Pregnancy After 7 Rounds of Clomid

My husband and I tried for almost three years. 7 rounds of clomid. We had an appointment at the CNY fertility center in Syracuse NY, about an hour from our home. I was an anxious mess when we went. During that time I had asked me regular OB to just write me one final round of clomid at 150mg the highest dose I’d yet to take. I diligently prayed to God that if it was his will we would get pregnant with this medication and not have to undergo surgeries, iui and ivf.
When we had the appointment my blood pressure was 178/93 I was a basket case. I couldn’t even get the 10 tubes of blood because I was so anxious. When they performed my ultrasound they said I had a “HUGE” follicle on my right ovary and that was half the battle. Little did we know, a week and a half later I had a missed period. I got my BFP. We are now 17 weeks 3 days with our miracle twins. Two sweet girls. God is so good.
With PCOS and the pain I experienced every month I was certain I’d never have children of my own: then we were blessed with one sweet speck on the ultrasound screen…. we went back a week later and sweet baby b made her appearance. I have very bad anxiety as well. The lord has moved mountains for us. He has brought my husband closer than ever and I am a voice of hope at my small town church.
Moms in the making was so uplifting for me. I also have the In Due Time Devotional. I remember to thank God EVERYDAY for my miracles. I hold my stomach and just cry of joy. I met one of my dearest friends though this group and we talk almost everyday! She plans to fly to meet my babies when they’re born in May. We send each other uplifting packages, and cards all the time. It is so emotional and beautiful to have women to share this journey with. Even once you are on the road to motherhood you never will forget the pain you experienced and the rejoicing you will do once your miracle comes.
From the bottom of my heart thank you all. May God Bless.

Karissa Nemier

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