Twin Miracles Through IVF After 5 Years

“After almost 5 years of TTC, a surgery to remove a cyst caused by endo, and multiple failed IUI’s we moved on to IVF in 2016. At the time I had only been diagnosed with Endo, however right before I started IVF I was also diagnosed with DOR based on my lab work. A completely different protocol was established with the maximum dosage of stimulation meds allowed. On transfer day I had only 3 embryos, all of which were behind on growth for day three of incubation. It was recommended to us to transfer all three and we would only have about a 30% chance of getting pregnant at all with one baby.
For days I was trying to decide what I would do next in the TTC process. After a few days of little sleep in the middle of the night I talked to God and I prayed for peace.
The next morning I woke up completely calm and remained calm for the next ten days of waiting. It just so happened that I would be finding out if the transfer was successful on Easter morning. I never took a pregnancy test beforehand, and that morning I calmly went to the lab, came home, took a shower, and just waited for the call with no anxiety. As it turned out, with such small odds, I was pregnant, and two weeks later few found out we were not only expecting, but it was TWINS.
The day before Thanksgiving in 2016 we welcomed two wonderful healthy girls into the world. A dream come true and a gift from God.”

Sara Farnam

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