Twin Boys Through IVF After Failed Medicated Cycles and IUI’s

My husband and I were married in 2012 and decided to start trying for a baby in July 2015. We had planned an amazing babymoon to New York in August and hoped that upon arriving home I would be pregnant. For another year I struggled to accept the reality that I would not become a mother. I did not want that to be my story.

In August 2016 we started our appointments at the local fertility clinic with high hopes that soon we would be parents. After all the tests they could not find a reason to explain our infertility. It was frustrating yet gave us hope that something would work. After 3 failed medicated cycles and 4 failed IUIs we felt at a bit of a loss. The next option for us was IVF. I didn’t want to have to do IVF. I did not want that to be my story.

We began the IVF process in January. Everything was going great and my body responded really well to the medication. On the day of our egg retrieval we retrieved 35 eggs! The next morning we received the devastating news that only 1 egg fertilized. Our embryologists weren’t optimistic but performed rescue ICSI. We were surprised to hear that we had 6 embryos that had made it to freeze. Even our Embryologists were surprised.

In July 2018 we transferred 2 frozen rescue embryos. We came home that night and cried feeling hopeless that it would work. Little did we know two weeks later we would be again crying in our kitchen after hearing the words “you are pregnant!” from the nurse. God gave me the twins I always prayed for. Our prayers came true in March 2019 as we welcomed our twin boys into the world. Through our process we learned that these children are not ours but God’s and our story is not ours to write, but His.

I was so thankful for my amazing prayer partners who encouraged me through the whole IVF process and the weekly prayer requests which reminded me I wasn’t struggling alone.

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