Through Moms in the Making I Have Found Encouragement and Purpose

Two years ago we began the journey of trying to conceive our first baby and a year ago a shift in me began happening.

8 months ago I found Moms in the Making and I cannot tell you what this amazing ministry has done for not only me, but also my marriage. I was at a place where I was miserable, trying to control the world around me, and everything in it. Through the women I have gotten to meet, the testimonies I have heard, and the life that has been spoken over me, I have found a renewed hope. I had the privilege of attending the leaders retreat earlier this month and wow, another life shift. I can feel a difference since being home, Holy Spirit is present and I can feel him there.

Through this I have also seen a change in my husband and his faith growing in ways I’ve never imagined and I know we are only just beginning on our faith journey’s. Infertility isn’t anything I would ever wish on anyone, but I am grateful for it, it has given me purpose, true closeness with the Father, and a stronger relationship with my husband. Thank you Moms in the Making for being such a light of the Lord.

Kaitlan Merz – Ohio

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