The Year of Redemption

December of 2019 I shared my testimony with my church of becoming a daughter of God instead of a servant. I shared with the congregation our infertility story and how we were trusting in Him for our babies. In January 2020 we selected the word, “redemption!”

We were sooo expectant going into 2020. My birthday is at the end of January and I turned 25 and celebrated my birthday the best way! I went to Buy Buy Baby and bought a crib then went to a church gathering and a pastor prayed over my husband and I. Little did we know this would be the cycle we conceived.

March 3rd was a day of rest for me. This was the sweetest day in the presence of God! That night I woke up in the middle of the night and heard the Lord say, “tomorrow morning take a pregnancy test!” And sure enough, it was positive! Our little one was being formed in my healed womb!

Our handsome son Samuel Oak was born 11/13/20!

Bailey Burch

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