The Lord is a Redeemer and Miracle Worker

My husband and I were blessed with our miracle son and felt the Lord call us to have another baby. We were scared after experiencing infertility before with two losses and three years of waiting before our first son, but we obeyed. We ended up having to go to an infertility clinic after experiencing a year and half of wait again with our third miscarry.

They spoke death over my womb and said I would never naturally be able to get pregnant again and IVF wasn’t even a great option. We prayed and decided to keep trying. In 2021, we experienced 4 losses. I went to the leader retreat in March 2022 where the Holy Spirit met me. My prophetic card shared the parable from Luke about the fig tree and that when it puts forth leaves that summer is near. It then went on to say that the Lord is speaking to them that I am the fig tree and my summer of what I’ve been waiting for is near. I spent that amazing weekend with those women and went home.

I felt off and the next day took a pregnancy test and was pregnant!! I was full of fear from our 6 previous miscarries, but the Lord told me, “I have you”. I now have my second miracle son who is healthy and strong. He was born in November where the Lord redeemed that month that was also the month of my last miscarry. He is a redeemer and a miracle worker. My wait was not wasted as He told me I’d have another child and He answered His promise. God is faithful.

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