The Lord Brought Us Joy in Our Waiting

The Lord brought us Joy in our waiting.

When people find out we have done IVF, they often feel sorry for us, but my husband summed it up well: “we are grateful for our season of infertility.”

Through it all, God taught us how to find our joy in Him. There were so many heartbreaking moments that only the Lord was able bring us through. But through every month, every negative pregnancy test, each lost precious embryo, every night spent upset, He strengthened us through it all–showing us that His love is unwavering, even if it was just through the quietest whisper.

After the Moms in the Making conference this past October, I was sitting in the Dallas airport waiting for my flight back to Boston. And even though I was still waiting on our miracle baby, the joy of the Lord overwhelmed me and I cried out in thankfulness. For the first time in our three-year journey of growing our family, I felt completely and totally loved and remembered by God through the women I had met, and for that I am so grateful for God putting Moms in the Making in my life.

5 weeks after that day in the airport, we found out we are pregnant with our miracle girl! Her name is Evangeline Joy, meaning “bringer of good news”, a tribute to God. He has shown us how to trust in His goodness in the midst of pain and we could not be more grateful for each step in this journey!

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