The Goodness of God During Infertility

This a story about the Goodness of God. The past 5+ years of trying to grow our family were nothing we could have expected. We experienced disappointments, set backs, odd complications, unexpected outcomes, losses, fear, anxiety, and deep grief. We saw lots of doctors and endured medical tests, procedures, and surgeries. The twists, turns, and valleys of the journey took their toll on us mentally, physically, and spiritually.

But this is a story about the Goodness of God. We also experienced hope, love, joy, peace, healing, and community. God was with us through every trial and storm. He provided for us financially. He lead us and spoke to us. We did things that sometimes seemed “crazy” and didn’t make sense to anyone else, but His plans and purposes were steadfast. He was faithful in every detail.

With the help of IVF and Jesus, our miracle daughter was born in July 2022!
We are walking in celebration, gratitude, and expectancy, and will continue to share our story of the Goodness of God!

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