Thank you Moms in the Making for a Strengthened Marriage, Positive Attitude and Amazing Friendships

“As a child, anytime I was asked what I wanted to be when I grew up I would respond with ‘a wife and mom’. I married my incredible husband when I was 20 and we hoped for babies soon after. When we found this to be harder than we had expected, we were heart broken. I was devastated to be diagnosed with endometriosis a few years later. I found Moms in the Making shortly after while scrolling through Pinterest. There was no way for me to know the hope and beauty that was waiting for me in this group.

Caroline and the women in MITM taught me so much about the love and hope Jesus provided me in regards to my infertility! I knew that Jesus provided me salvation, but I had no idea that He cared deeply about my desire for children! I had a lot of questions, and MITM directed me to seek these answers in His word, and I did. I found more than answers – hope, peace, confidence, and much more! I no longer wait in discouragement or in defeat, but with hope and expectation!

The online encouraged participation in fellowship, prayer, and support. The videos taught me so much – such as how to overcome jealousy when others around you become pregnant and how we should pray to God confidently and expectantly. And, I have had amazing experiences with my prayer partners!!!

While I continue to wait expectantly for the children we are praying for, I am enjoying the blessings of a strengthened marriage, a positive attitude, and amazing friendships. Many of these amazing friendships came from the MITM small group that God called me to begin in Whitsett, NC. Each week we laugh together, support one another, and participate in a Bible study that allows us to lessen the burden of infertility and focus on our God that provides the ultimate comfort, hope, and guidance from his many promises that He has left in His word for us to uncover. I am so grateful to MITM and I look forward to sharing my testimony that will someday include children – children that I am hoping, praying, and believing for.”

Hannah Nelson

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