Sweet Sign of God’s Presence in Our Infertility Journey

I would simply like to share a testimony that I have from the 2nd annual Moms in the Making conference that took place about a month ago. Right after the conference was over, I flew to Boston to spend some time with my husband for our 5th wedding anniversary.
We didn’t return home to Ohio until about a week after the conference had ended. I finally had gotten around to unpacking my bags and found the hand-made faith gift that was given to each attendee at the very end of the conference. If you attended the conference, you know that these burp-cloths were all together in one bin, with many patterns and a line of women waiting to grab one. I say that to share that I simply grabbed the tied up gift as I left the worship center and went on my way. While I was unpacking, I found my still tied-up burp cloth and un-wrapped it. The pattern on it brought me to tears. A few months prior, one of my aunts had given me a hand-made baby blanket in hopes that I’d use it soon. The baby blanket and the burp cloth match in colors + pattern almost perfectly. This was such a sweet sign of God’s very real presence through our infertility journey. He cares about the details, and He loves us so much!
Thank you Moms in the Making for all the encouragement you have given me. In a world that’s bursting with negativity, I’m so thankful this group speaks life and truth. I love that the focus of this group is Jesus.

Alison Nguapha – Ohio

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