Started Worshipping God, Instead of Motherhood and IVF Worked!

“My husband and I got married in June 2009. We wanted to wait to have kids until we had good jobs and a house. In Jan 2013, we decided we were ready and I went off the pill.

I was diagnosed with endometriosis as a teenager, but didn’t think much about it. In June 2014, I started having pregnancy symptoms, but I tested negative. When the symptoms persisted, I saw the doctor and she explained that it had been a false negative, but that I had already lost the baby. I was devastated to know that I had carried and lost a child without even knowing it at the time.
In Jan 2015, my doctor diagnosed me with PCOS and referred me to an RE. After 2 failed rounds of IUI and no explanation, we decided to take a break. We prayed that we would just get pregnant naturally.

In Feb 2017, we did a cycle of IVF with 0 viable embryos and still no explanation. We started to lose hope and get angry with God. Why would He give us this desire to be parents, but not give us a baby?

I started to reach out to other women with infertility. I realized that I had to trust Him and His plan. It wasn’t about my desires, but His. I had let fear take over, fear of never getting pregnant, fear of losing the baby, etc. God just wanted me to trust Him. I also realized that I had been worshiping the idea of being a mother, instead of worshipping Him.

In May 2017, we did another cycle of IVF with 1 viable embryo – our precious baby girl born March 2018! Looking back, I can see where God was working to prepare everything for His plan for us. It’s so much better than we could have imagined ourselves.

I am thankful for Moms in the Making because it showed me that I was not alone. It helped me to focus on God, rather than my desire to be a mother. It was so encouraging to see so many women like me, supporting each other.”

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