Son Born After Miscarriage Scare Due to Hematoma


Our miracle was born almost 4 years ago! He turned out to be our second born and here’s our story: I was diagnosed with PCOS in 2013. Our first born (also a miracle, as all babies are) came to us after months of failed Clomid attempts (it never made me ovulate). We moved on to injectables and IUI and conceived our blessing that was well worth the wait.

Then, when my daughter was 13 months old we found out we miraculously got pregnant on our own! It was so hard to believe and was such a blessing from God. At 13 weeks along, I woke up bleeding. I drove myself to the ER in a panic (hubby stayed home with our sleeping girl). I had an ultrasound and saw my baby wiggling around and with a healthy heartbeat, but the doctor informed me that a miscarriage was imminent and to go home and basically wait for my baby to pass away. It was the saddest moment of my life. The next morning I went to my OB and learned that I wasn’t in fact having a miscarriage! I had a severe subchorionic hematoma that measured 12 cm long at its biggest. We were told our baby had a 50/50 chance of surviving.

My son made it and was born at 38 weeks on June 30, 2014 via planned c-section. I delivered my son AND the hematoma! Today, he is a strong willed and stubborn little boy that I am so very thankful for. His stubbornness paid off and he will forever be my miracle who survived all the odds! When I walked out of that hospital with my baby boy safe in my arms I vowed to my husband that I was done with the journey to babies. Neither of them have come easy to us. BUT, here we are. Trying to conceive baby #3 since July 2019. I hope this story gives at least one person some hope. Miracles DO happen!

Ann Burk
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