Renewed Faith, Joy and Peace After Moms in the Making Conference

When I was 16 years old when I was diagnosed with Premature Ovarian Failure. This year especially I’ve felt extremely forgotten and left out by God. So much that I started to question if God was even real and if He cared about my situation. I’ve had 3 of my very close friends, including my best girlfriend get pregnant this year. And my gosh I was thrown through a loop. But I chose to join Moms in the Making, and go to the conference despite my fear, doubt and anger.

Coming out of the conference I have a renewed faith, more joy than ever, and an overwhelming peace regardless of the circumstances. Previously, I had been paralyzed with fear of the future with my diagnosis. My biggest dream outside of being a wife to my awesome husband, was and is to be a mom. And as a teenage kid I felt that dream was being ripped from me.
But I now know by the encouragement of the other ladies, testimonies I’ve heard and amazing wisdom shared from the conference that God is not finished yet. This is just a piece of the puzzle of my story.

I believe no matter what any woman is facing, there is no better place to be surrounded by an incredible community of women who “get it” and that have unrelenting faith! Thank you Caroline for starting this work, it’s a GOOD work and has changed my life. And to all the leaders and volunteers – thank you thank you thank you!!! I was greatly impacted at the conference and so excited to see what God does with each and every ladies story in Moms in the Making. I came in to Moms in the Making really afraid and confused and doubtful that God cares about me. But after the conference, I KNOW he cares.

Jordy Smith

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