Remarriage and Miracle Pregnancy

“My story began almost 15 years ago. I was married to my first husband who was a soldier in the Army. We became pregnant shortly after marriage in 2004 but our baby was born sleeping at 12 weeks old. It would take 7 years to become pregnant again and unfortunately during a time that only God could have carried me through that was a result of my husband’s adultery. Sadly I would continue through my pregnancy and my son’s infancy as a single mother but I never felt alone because I had a wonderful support system in family and friends and in my faith.
Fast forward a year later I reconnected with the boy who I had dated my senior year of high school. See we hadn’t spoken in almost 8 years but during that time God was molding him into the man I would marry a few years later. He never thought a second thought about the relationship including my young son Xander and chose to love both of us unconditionally. We officially became a family on August 8, 2015.
We decided to wait a few years before we decided to start trying for our next child and in August 2017 we decided to go for it. We were shocked to find ourselves pregnant within the first full cycle but in the same day we found out, our world was shattered by loss and I unfortunately miscarried our baby. I prayed for God to guide me to a good doctor that could help us determine what had happened. He did and in January 2018 we conceived our daughter who will be born October 2018. She is due one day after her brother or sister will celebrate their first birthday in heaven.
I found Moms in the Making after I ordered the In Due Time devotional from Caroline’s website. Hearing the other ladies stories, prayer requests and praise reports have truly made me look at the world of infertility so much differently. I truly believe that God will fulfill his promise to each of the ladies in this group and I love each day celebrating the victories along the way.”

Victoria Chandler

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