Reconciled Marriage and Pregnancy After Miscarriage

“In February 2013 we decided we were ready to expand our family. In November 2014 we were diagnosed with male factor infertility. We also learned after our second miscarriage that I have two blood clotting factors: MTHFR gene mutation and lupus anticoagulant antibody, treated with baby aspirin.

We took the natural approach the entire time and conceived in May 2015 after 2.5 years trying to conceive, only to miscarry a week later. I was devastated and at this time, I was also not a believer.

The miscarriage and his transition out of the Marine Corps broke my husband, and he filed for divorce. One night after he left, I picked him up drunk from a friend’s house, and our wedding song began playing from the beginning the moment I turned the ignition. I knew it was a sign from God that I had to fight for our marriage.

He returned 4 weeks after he left. After some time and healing, we began TTC again and conceived our son, born in August 2016. We began trying for Baby 2 ten months later and were surprised to conceive on the 2nd cycle. Again I miscarried days later.

This time I gave it to God, who turned that miscarriage into an example of how far my faith had come. He used that miscarriage as redemption for my husband– a second chance to better express his grief and to love me through it. I miraculously conceived 23 days after my 2nd miscarriage and am due with a 2nd rainbow in May. God turned our loss into an extra 5 weeks for us to move cross-country to an area of lower living costs where I can now be a WAHM and follow my calling to share my story.”

Jalina King

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