Receiving a Word At the Conference About Land

When I received my prophetic card at the 2021 Moms in the Making conference, I knew it was the exact card Jesus intended for me to have. My prophetic word was all about how God had “new lands” for me. In fact, the word “land” was used 4 times on my prophetic card. The word “territory” was used twice.

What only Jesus knew was that my husband and I had purchased 32 acres of land just 4 months previously. What Jesus also knew was that my husband was experiencing some angst over the magnitude of such a big financial purchase. When I told my husband about my prophetic word, he became emotional and received the word for himself as well.

God is so good! Of the over 200+ women in attendance at the conference, HE knew that I was the one who needed a word about receiving LAND for HIS glory! Thank you Lord!

Erin Evans – Utah

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