Rainbow Baby Through Embryo Adoption

God sure did move in a miraculous way in our lives! My husband and I always wanted 4 children. We were blessed to have our first two kids early on in our marriage and wanted to try for our third soon after, however we received the devastating news that both of them had autism. We embarked on a very painful journey to the say the least. Our hopes of expanding our family were dashed. But we sensed God saying that indeed we would have our next baby. We also prayed for God to allow us to raise a healthy baby without any autism.

Twelve years later we had our third child. After having him we felt God so strongly saying he was going to indeed grant us the desires of our heart and grace us the fourth child to complete our family. We got pregnant but suffered a miscarriage. We were so heartbroken but didn’t give up.

After three years of trying (my husband and I are way older) praying, waiting, and seeking for answers he led us into embryo adoption. He opened major doors as we prepared to become pregnant with our so longed for child. We prayed for a miracle and a little girl precisely. God led us to a clinic in FL where our baby girl had been frozen for 6 years! I became pregnant and had our rainbow baby 6 months ago!

Never did we imagine growing our family this way but God is in the business of miracles. He keeps each promise he makes and comes through all the time. He has way more in store than one can ever dream of. We are beyond blessed and so thankful for the story and testimony he has given us.

I am so thankful God brought me to our local San Diego Moms in the Making group at the perfect time. Not only did this group of women help me heal further from my miscarriage but they welcomed me with open arms. They supported me, loved me, and encouraged me above and beyond. This group was my safe haven and I am forever changed by being part of this amazing group.

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