Rainbow Baby and a Strengthened Marriage in God’s Perfect Timing

A little over one year ago, my husband and I started trying for a baby. After a couple months of not getting pregnant, I decided to take control over the situation. I started charting, using ovulation testing strips. This not only took the fun out of “baby making,” it was exhausting and stressful. But it worked! We were pregnant!  One week later, however, I started spotting and we ended up miscarrying. We were devastated.

A friend of mine recommended I read the devotional, In Due Time. My husband and I started reading it together every night. It brought us closer than ever, strengthened our marriage, and restored our hope & faith in God’s plan. I’m so grateful to Caroline for writing such a beautiful devotional. Her story and her hope shifted my own perspective and grew my faith during my season of loss.

My midwife told us it could take months before we could get pregnant again. And this time we decided not to test, or stress, but we trusted God’s plan and continued reading the devotional and praying together every night.

Four weeks from the day of my miscarriage, I decided to take a pregnancy test. I hadn’t even gotten my period again yet, so I didn’t think there was any way it could be positive….but something told me to take one. Two dark pink lines appeared instantly! I was in total shock. I looked down and said out loud, “This is a miracle!” Later that day, my mom called me out of the blue. I didn’t tell her the news yet. It was too soon. But I told her I trusted God’s plan and that when the time comes, it will be a miracle. She said, “WOW! It’s so funny you used that word. When I called you, the word ‘Miracle’ popped into my head”. CHILLS God’s timing is perfect. He gave us our rainbow baby, strengthened our marriage, and made me more grateful.

Through Facebook and Instagram, Moms in the Making helped give me hope during the miscarriage. I also met some amazing women in the community! If you’re in need of a community of women for hope, faith, encouragement, or just friendship, plug in!

Sara Petrucci

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