Pregnant With Two Babies Via IVF

Recently I shared a testimony of attending the Moms in the Making conference and how it completely changed my life. Well, I wanted to testify again.

After coming home from the conference, I decided I had one transfer left in me. Feeling absolutely nothing but hope, we talked to my doctor and set up our final transfer. You know, the one before you throw in the towel and try something else. My doctors were so convinced that this transfer would be just like the ones in which had failed in the past, but everything in me told me this was different.

My doctors suggested I transfer all three embryos, which if you know anything about IVF, especially at 26 years old, that is absolutely unheard of. That’s how little faith they had in it being successful. My doctor also gave me four different types of steroid medications, and when I asked why and what their purpose was, she couldn’t give me a single answer other than we’ve tried everything else so we might as well try this.

The odds were stacked against me in every way possible. I refused to take medicine that had no purpose other than “we’ve tried everything else” against the advice of my doctors. I got the flu during my two week wait, I couldn’t eat, had a temperature of over 102° and I barely left the bed the entire two weeks. I went to my first bloodwork appointment to find out that I was indeed pregnant and the numbers continued to double like they had never done before. Still sick, I prayed for God to cover my baby every day, all day. Not only did he cover one baby, but he covered two.

My first ultrasound, my second baby didn’t have a heartbeat, and I prayed that God would help their heart to form and function, and to be strong and mighty, and now that same baby is the biggest one! I bled for the first 12 weeks of my pregnancy, heavy bleeding, emergency room bleeding, and God covered my babies and He covered me.

So here we are taking it one day at a time over halfway to meeting our miracles earth-side, all because our God is faithful.

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