Pregnant With Twins After Seeking God

My husband and I started trying just after getting married in 2015. After a year of no pregnancies, we started looking for answers. I became obsessed with infertility & researched everything I could-from natural ways to heal the body to IVF. It was consuming me. I continued to seek God through out the journey, but I think for many months I put more faith in the doctors than in my Saviors ability to heal me.
Emotionally, I stayed fairly positive, but had months that really hit me hard. During one of those hard months, we were told we should start fertility treatments. I prayed over our consult appointment & left with a pit in my stomach. Something just didn’t sit right and for me that is always a good indication the Holy Spirit is trying to get my attention. I wrestled with that feeling for a week before reaching out on Facebook for prayer. The first comment was Psalm 46, “Be still and know that I am God.” I brushed it off for weeks actually feeling indignant with the person who wrote it.
One morning, something clicked in my heart & I realized that despite my prayers and communion with God, I didn’t actually believe He had the power to restore my body. I believed He could use modern medicine and the hands of the doctors to work miracles, but I didn’t give Him enough credit that He on His own could give me a miracle. I finally understood Psalm 46. So we decided to put off any treatments and spend time diligently in God’s presence, getting to know Him more intimately and gaining a deeper faith than I had ever experienced. 2 years and 3 weeks after getting married, we found out we were pregnant. Now my 4 month old twins are a constant reminder to me of just how miraculous my God truly is.
Being a part of Moms in the Making was a great encouragement for me. Having a Christian based group to turn to for support made a huge impact on me emotionally because in the infertility world, so much emphasis is placed on medicine and science that God can become an after thought if you are not rooted in the word.

Erika Springer

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