Pregnant With Twins After Hitting Rock Bottom

Our journey started as we approached our 2 year anniversary in Aug 2015. After several months of no positive tests we heard the news that no expectant couple wants to hear – due to male factor infertility conceiving naturally wasn’t in our favor & IVF was the best route to take.

We really felt that God lined everything up for us, emotionally and financially and felt at peace about it! Through the process we found out that I had lower egg count/quality and so there we were, our first failed round after 3 years in the wait, what’s next?

We hit rock bottom, decided to move cities and after more waiting and praying, we decided to head into round 2 in the fall of 2020. It ended with poor response that turned into an unsuccessful IUI. We were advised by that Dr. to basically stop as no treatment would work for us. At that moment, all our hopes and dreams were shattered but we knew God was far from done with our story.

After more waiting, praying and healing, we put it all in God’s hands to give it one last shot! In July/Aug 2021, we ended up with 2 miracle embabies. I did a laparoscopy soon after which confirmed I had some endo that was removed, went to conference & was prayed over for our embryo transfer on October 5, 2021. Following that we got the best news of our lives, “you’re pregnant!” News that we honestly doubted ever being able to have! Throughout our journey we would pray for double the blessing but with the obstacles we were facing accepted that probably wasn’t a possibility. At our 6 week appt, we miraculously got to see 2 heartbeats, identical twins! Our miracle baby boys were born May 28th, 2022.

During this time I discovered Moms in the Making and immediately reached out and got connected with a group that had just started…which has since forever changed my life & relationship with Jesus! Not only was I reminded the importance of having hope and joy despite the struggles, to fully trust God and to never give up, but the support, encouragement & friendships made are to last a lifetime! All the small details through our long wait revealed His goodness and perfect plan for our family. I am forever grateful and give God all the glory – He’ll do it again!

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