Pregnant With Miracle After IVF Treatment

“I was diagnosed with Endometriosis & PCOS a year after we started trying. I told my husband I decided we should adopt. This decision was made totally out of fear…fear of trying to go to the doctor and fertility treatments. There was no prayer involved in the decision, I just wanted us to be parents and didn’t want to go to the doctor. We went through the Home Study Process and we were approved, but everything started falling apart. I became so sick and we found out that our chosen Agency was not being totally honest with us.
I went to the doctor and received an Endometriosis diagnosis, followed quickly with a surgery that revealed it was bad! My doctor also suspected PCOS at the time. So I agreed to try the basic fertility drugs and I said “I will never do IVF!” You should just never say never. I tried the drugs with timed intercourse, tried the drugs with IUI, all unsuccessful. At this point I needed surgery again for Endo. At that time I was told that IVF really needed to be our next step and I was so upset! I started Praying. I prayed from July of 17 to Jan 18 that if IVF was not the right step for us God would block it at every point. By our first appointment my husband and I had total peace. We were nervous but excited. We didn’t know how we were going to finance it, and then low and behold a family member gave us every bit of money we would need for 1 cycle of IVF!
IVF was hard and it made me sick, but it worked! I am due Oct. 31st with this amazing miracle that is only from God! I am still in shock most days! Don’t say never to something God may use to bring a miracle! His plans and ways are higher than ours!
I’m so thankful I found Moms in the Making in April ’17 while sitting on the beach in Grand Cayman! It was the lowest point of my fertility journey. Just knowing I was not alone and meeting some amazing women who have been such a blessing and encouragement to me, was the best thing that happened to me in this journey!”

Stephanie Fitzpatrick

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