Pregnant through ivf after losing twin_jessica colwell

Pregnant Via IVF

“A year ago I found myself sobbing on my knees to God asking him to save the little life inside me and so clearly he said to me, “I am good, all the time.” It was our first pregnancy after our first round of IVF, 3 years of trying to get pregnant, 11 years after my PCOS diagnosis, a surgery to remove my right tube, not being able to ovulate on my own and years of believing that I was too broken physically to ever be a mom. In February of this year we found out we pregnant with twins after our 2nd round of IVF. Even though we lost one of the babies in first trimester and had a few complications during the pregnancy and after the birth, our little miracle arrived on October 19th. I encourage you to see the wonders of his love in every moment of your journey, especially the hard ones. The miracle doesn’t just come when you see a positive for the first time or hold your baby in your arms. It happens when you laugh at something after crying out in desperation after a loss. It happens when you meet someone who has the same diagnosis you do and you both no longer feel alone. It happens when you realize that you have cried a lot this year, but in the past two months the tears of joy have outnumbered the tears of sadness. These are miracles he gives us in the form of strength, love, and peace because God truly is good all the time.”

Jessica Colwell – Dallas, TX

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