Pregnant Through IVF After Miscarriage, Weight Loss and MTHFR Diagnosis

My husband and I were high school sweethearts and got married when we were young. We have been married for 21 years and trying around 19 years.

When we started having trouble conceiving, we went from fertility to fertility clinic. They just kind of pushed us around because we were young at the time. I was diagnosed with PCOS and they told me to lose weight. I had 3 miscarriages before anyone took me seriously. I was also diagnosed with MTHFR. In November 2015, I had the gastric sleeve surgery. I lost 120 pounds. After that surgery I found out I had a uterine septum. The doctor removed it and then in November 2016 we were given the all clear to start trying. My husband and I decided that we had been through so much, we didn’t want to waste anymore time. We headed straight into IVF.

My husband’s insurance company covered IVF at 50%. We were very grateful for any coverage. So we decided to have a garage sale and bake sale to help with the costs. That was in December 2016. On the last day of our sale, while we were closing up, this group of ladies stopped by our house and came up to me. They said that the Lord told them to stop. We told them our story and we all cried and they prayed over me. I can’t tell you how loved I felt in that moment.

We started our IVF journey in January 2017, with our egg retrieval in February, and then our FET on March 9. On St Patrick’s Day, we found out that I was pregnant. Our beautiful, healthy baby girl was born on November 20, 2017. God is so good!

Pamela Dees

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