Pregnant Through IVF After DOR and Low Sperm Count Diagnosis

My husband had a diagnosis of low sperm count. I had a diagnosis of poor egg quality and diminished ovarian reserve (low number of eggs). We started trying to conceive in early 2016. By November we set up an appointment with a fertility specialist. We had an appointment in January 2017, and by the end of February I had surgery to remove an endometrial polyp. The doctor thought this would help us conceive, but in March we learned that my husband has a low sperm count.

We were given a less than 2% chance of conceiving naturally. On March 29th, we asked God for confirmation that we’d have a baby. My husband thought – show us a blue balloon. Later that night we saw one and had our confirmation! In May we went through the IVF process for the first time. All of our embryos failed to progress, and in June we learned that my egg quality was poor.

Over the summer, we received many prophetic words, and I kept hearing “August” from the Lord. August came and went and in October we talked about trying IVF again. At that time, I got a prophetic word from a friend who didn’t know about our infertility. She had a dream where my husband and I were standing on a rock wall holding up a baby’s footie pajama outfit. She asked if we were expecting in the dream, and we said yes, a little boy. Another confirmation! In December 2017 we did IVF for a 2nd time. Over the holiday season, I received numerous prophetic words about hope, strength, and breakthrough.

During our 2nd round of IVF, the eggs retrieved were improved in quality. On December 14th, we had our embryo transfer, and on December 22nd the doctor called us himself to tell us we were expecting! Our son, Lucas (meaning bringer of light), was due September 1st. I knew he’d come in “August,” and he was born August 24, 2018. We celebrated his first birthday with blue balloons.

Victoria West Henady

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