Pregnant Through IVF After 7 Years

My husband and I decided to start trying for a baby in 2012. We figured we would just let things happen. I started to get nervous and bitter when nothing had happened after a year and then two years. I started testing and nothing was found on my end, however we found out we had a male factor issue.

We saw a urologist and received treatment. We were told we would be pregnant in six months. Eight months passed and nothing. Throughout the treatment, I decided to submit it to God. I prayed several Gideon prayers about whether I was meant to be a mom and He answered yes several times, even giving me a dream of breastfeeding a little girl.

We went back to doctors and this time we were told we would be pregnant through IUI. After six failed rounds, we took a short break to re-evaluate. It appeared that I had a cyst on my ovary, likely endometriosis. We switched doctors and decided to dip into savings to do IVF. The first round resulted in a chemical pregnancy. It hurt to get so close and lose our embabies. The second round was a somber one. I was sure it hadn’t worked the night before we tested. I didn’t feel pregnant. When I woke, early the next morning, I took a home test. A faint line appeared for the first time in seven years!

A few weeks later, we found out we were having a girl, like in my dream! She was born just last week and we are enjoying every precious moment with our miracle baby! God is so good!!


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