Pregnant Through Embryo Adoption

Pregnant Through Embryo Adoption

In the fall of 2012 my husband and I started trying for a baby. 18 months later we fell pregnant with twins only to lose them 10 days later. We spent 4 years trying natural routes without any luck so we took a leap of a faith and decided to try a fertility doctor. This was scarier than doing natural things with the huge cost associated with specialists. We went through 20 cycles of medicated cycles with no luck. Not only we were not getting pregnant, but my body wasn’t responding at all to the treatments.

We started researching IVF and ways that we could have some kind of coverage for the procedure. Our insurance would cover embryo adoption, but not IVF. Which was something we had never heard of. Since we believe life begins at conception and with there being over 600,000 embryos frozen that will never be used, we felt like this was the way that God wanted to grow our family. We decided to go the agency route and were really excited to see how God was going to work!

From start to being matched it was 4 months! The process was so easy and we had nothing but peace. It was amazing to see God provide and His timing was perfect! We adopted 8 embryos from a family who couldn’t have any more children due to health risks. In October, we transferred 2 little embryos and are pregnant with one little boy due in July. I went from not being able to conceive to getting pregnant on the first transfer!

I was given a word in 2014, “Suddenly”. Suddenly God was going to do a big work and we would hardly be able to keep up! I’ve clung to that word for 5 years! God took what seemed like a hopeless medical situation and suddenly gave us hope! I reached out in this group for embryo adoption support and I was so thankful to meet a lady who had just adopted and was getting ready to transfer. She was able to shed light on what seemed like a lot of options and gave me confidence in the decision we were making. We can’t wait for July to meet our miracle.

Shelbie Toevs – Australia

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