Pregnant One Month After the Moms in the Making Conference

“My husband Robbie and I decided to start trying for children after being married for about two years. I ditched the birth control after ten years and patiently waited for a monthly cycle. My cycle never came so after seeing my obgyn I was given medication to induce a cycle and another medication to induce ovulation. I didn’t ovulate even with medication for a couple months so I decided to see a chiropractor knowing it wouldn’t hurt. My chiropractor prayed over me. He asked me if I doubted I’d ever get pregnant and I said yes. He helped me pray my doubts away. I ovulated that day for the first time in 9 months.

Months went by and again I didn’t ovulate. My chiropractor asked what I thought was different from my first visit to now. I thought to myself, my attitude. He told me a prayer to say daily and I did. I ovulated that month as well. We continued several different medications for a year and still waiting to conceive. We decided to see a specialist two hours away. I was immediately diagnosed with PCOS. We had several trips to the specialist for multiple ultrasounds and blood work and a couple medications were added and changed.
I found Moms in the Making during this time and stepped out in faith to attend the 2017 conference 6 hours from home and attended alone. It was life changing. Barriers in my heart were broken down. I felt different. It was an amazing spiritual experience. We did our first round of the trigger shot the week after I got home. And we were pregnant the following month. There is no doubt in my mind that God led me to find Moms in the Making and he gave me the courage to attend. Our miracle Henley Grace Dixon was born 7-15-18.”

Amber Dixon

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