Pregnant From Our 4th IUI

My husband and I knew that we were going to have trouble conceiving because I had been diagnosed with PCOS when I was 16. We waited until we had been married for 5 years before we started trying to have a baby and my regular OB/GYN was ready with the usual medications and monitoring as we started our journey.

After 2 years of trying with no progress, my doctor recommended that we see a specialist.  I was blessed to have a friend that had also been struggling with having a baby and she not only turned me to the Moms in the Making group, but also helped with recommendations for fertility doctors. With lots of prayer and faith in God’s hand we began the next part of our journey.

Our new doctor was amazing and also a woman of faith. She helped us with the expensive medications by saving samples for us and even came in on a Sunday for our 4th IUI because that was the best day of my cycle. She was a God send for sure! A year and a half, lots of shots and pills, a surgery, and a few IUIs later, we got the phone call we had waited and prayed for — we were pregnant. Our pregnancy was perfect and we had our baby girl in July of 2019.

Throughout our journey we were so blessed with the outpouring of prayer from family, friends, and friends of friends.  My husband and I both gained a stronger relationship with our Savior through this process and with each other as well. And the Moms in the Making group was something that I leaned heavily on for inspiration, prayer guidance, and hope. Seeing the testimonies of God’s work for those who had and who had not conceived helped get me through and kept my eyes looking upward to God through the whole process. I am so grateful that this group exists and for all willing to share and pray together.  GOD IS SO GOOD!!!


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