Pregnant From 3rd IVF After Secondary Infertility

When our daughter was two, we tried for a second child on our own for a year with no luck. When I decided to go to the Doctor, he decided to start me on clomid. After two years, we decided to seek help at a fertility clinic.

Months of testing to check hormone levels, monitoring ovulation, and even checking sperm count. They determined we were able to try IVF, and it was the best option for us to conceive. As we completed the first round of IVF, the waiting game began to see if it took… I was hurt when I found out that I wasn’t pregnant. I cried and pleaded with God!

We started the second round of preparing my body for implantation day and once again, the waiting game began. This time when we went in for our pregnancy test it came back positive. The tears of joy ran down my face. I will never forget when I heard that tiny little heartbeat…

They released me to start going to my OBGYN, but when we went in for our 10-week appointment my world came crashing down because they could not find a heartbeat. I had miscarried. Then on January 27, 2008 while I was sitting in the hospital with a friend that was in labor, the clinic called me to give me my lab results to get ready for round 3 of IVF.

The nurse said you are already pregnant and my mouth dropped. I thanked God for His blessing… Now my blessing is 12 years old and we went on to have 3 more miracles. I want to encourage you to never give up. No matter how hard it may get, God’s timing is always right and God is faithful. I am believing Him to “do it again” for more women that are waiting like I was not so long ago.

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