Pregnant at the Same Time as My Prayer Partner

I had primary and secondary infertility. Our journey just involved a lot of waiting. I joined the prayer partner program this summer and I was matched with a partner that I second guessed at first. She was 10 years younger than me, completely different diagnoses, she had primary I had secondary, and we didn’t even live in the same country.
We got to know each other as the months went by and prayed regularly for each other. She was my rock though a lot of trying times. By November 2017 I told her I was ready to be done TTC. I was tired of waiting and being disappointed. She prayed over my pregnancy and prayed that there would be a baby conceived. Turns out God answered her big time. I found out Nov. 20 that I was pregnant, and she found out a few days later that she was also pregnant! We are due 2 days apart. We experienced the biggest miracle ever TOGETHER! It’s no coincidence that we conceived the same cycle, 2 days apart. God is amazing. She is the best partner I could have ever asked for- I can’t beleive I doubted it at first!
I’m due with a healthy baby boy August 3, 2018 and blessed with a good friend to experience it all along side me.


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