Pregnant At The Age of 39 Through IVF

We lost three pregnancies between the ages of 37-39. At 39, we started IVF. I was hesitant, believing that I was trying to overrule God by making a baby happen. He reminded me through this journey that I don’t have that kind of power!

Right before our egg retrieval, we were advised that we only had 3 follicles ready, and one that might be ready by the next day. They liked to see 14-16 follicles. The nurse said we could assume that only half would give us a mature egg, then only half would fertilize, and then only half would make it to day 5. So with 3, maybe 4 follicles, we were looking a small chance we would get one viable embryo.

We didn’t have the money for another cycle and I cried. This was our only shot. My husband couldn’t shake the feeling that our baby would come from this cycle. We prayed. And I realized that the door was still open. Maybe cracked, but not closed. God wants us to keep going through his open doors. So we went to the retrieval.

The doctors ended up finding two additional mature follicles that were not seen by the first ultrasound. We got 6 eggs and 4 fertilized! Then 3 made it to day 5! When originally, only half were supposed to make it.

Then we learned that they all had chromosome abnormalities. The genetic counselor told us to discard the embryos but we knew we have a great big God who had already brought us this far. We transferred our first embryo and got a positive pregnancy test! On our first visit to the MFM, he could find no abnormality! On 9/10, our perfect boy was born healthy and continues to grow.

I hope our story shows those waiting in desperation and losing hope how God can and will overcome. I had to let go of anxiety and resentment and lay it all at His feet. It was the most difficult thing in my life to do. My anxiety and doubt creeped in so many times. And I had to turn around and give it up again. If you are still in the wait, please don’t lose hope!

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