Pregnant After Several Miscarriages and Embryo Transfers

“Joshua and I were married in 2002. We were young when we got married and did not want children right away. By 2010 we started wondering why we had yet to get pregnant (I had gotten off birth control shortly after being married due to the side effects.) In 2012 I had my hormone levels checked, everything appeared normal. Late in 2015 I found a wonderful ObGyn who suggested a diagnostic laparoscopy, by the grace of God that surgery was covered by my insurance. The surgery ended up being 4 hours long. The doctor found that both of my Fallopian tubes were 100% blocked. He felt confident that we would be pregnant within 6 months. And we were twice, unfortunately they both ended in very early miscarriages.

Shortly after the second loss we ended up at our local fertility clinic. We met with an amazing Dr and after some thought we decided to pursue IVF. We then found out that our insurance would cover all of the diagnostic testing and half the cost of the medications to do IVF (THANK YOU JESUS!). Miraculously we obtained the funds to cover the cost of IVF.

Our first egg retrieval resulted in three fair embryos. Our first transfer of two embryos failed to implant. 3 months later we transferred our final embryo. Sadly that resulted in yet another very early miscarriage. I vividly remember driving to our follow up appointment, I was doing the best I could to just keep it together. I remember feeling this peace come over me and a still small voice telling me “You will be a mother, one day; I will make you a mother”
We decided to take the holidays off and schedule our final egg retrieval in January 2017.

Our final egg retrieval resulted in 2 good embryos and 2 fair embryos. We transferred 1 good and 1 fair embryo on January 21st 2017. Our miracle baby Allyson was born at 38 weeks on September 26 2017.

God was so faithful throughout our long journey to become parents, (I know at times I had a hard time seeing it) But looking back it is so easy to see that HIS timing is perfect.”


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