Pregnant After PCOS, MTHFR and Fibroid Diagnosis

Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve wanted to be a mommy. In 2014, I was diagnosed with PCOS, MTHFR and later fibroids. I was devastated. I felt like the biggest fool for wanting something so badly that I could not have. Infertility dashed my dreams for my life, attacked my marriage and tore away at our finances. I was at my lowest point. I received negative treatment from my husband’s family after they learned the reason for my husband and I not having children was me.
My husband, a true blessing, did not fail me. He took me to every church meeting to be prayed over at the altar for healing. We found a doctor that was a believer too. This doctor worked endlessly to get me healthy after so many years of poor health. We had one treatment cycle left before we would be faced with the decision of moving on from infertility treatments for good. We found out we were pregnant the day after our anniversary.
That same day I started bleeding and felt my entire world crash. I never thought I could feel the depths of pain I felt that day after what I had endured. My husband and I prayed in desperate weeping cries for days. A follow-up appointment showed a viable pregnancy. I was on progesterone support for 27 weeks. My daughter was born full term after 8 hrs of unmedicated labor. I am still breastfeeding my toddler and have donated over 1000oz of breastmilk to babies locally.
My daughter’s name is Olive. Her name was chosen from the story of Noah when God sent a dove with an olive leaf as a symbol that the flood waters had ceased. Olive was a much-desired answered prayer for us after a tumultuous season. My relationship with my husband’s family has been restored, my marriage is better than ever, my finances have been provided, I’ve been able to minister to needs through infertility and breastmilk donation and I’ve built lasting dear friendships. The same God that did this for me is no respecter of persons and can do it again. Things don’t have to go as planned to be good. Moms in the Making helped provide hope in a hopeless situation. Nothing we do in our journey towards motherhood can match the power of prayer. I am so thankful!


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