Pregnant After PCOS and Endometriosis Diagnosis

All my childhood I dreamed of being a mom. I was diagnosed with PCOS and endometriosis when I was 16, and the hope to have kids was low. The OB at the time told me if I wanted a chance at conceiving I’d need to try to have children in my early 20’s.

I got married in 2017 at age 28. My husband, Nick, and I started trying to grow our family right away. Within the first year of marriage, we experienced 2 chemical miscarriages and were crushed. We got pregnant on our own in 2020, only to end up with an ectopic pregnancy, which was almost fatal to me.

After these losses, we started medication (with a much more optimistic and helpful OB) to help me ovulate. After many failed cycles, we had one try left before needing to move on to further treatments, which we weren’t in a place financially to move forward with. With God’s timing, July of 2022, was the cycle that finally resulted in a positive pregnancy test!

9 absolutely beautiful months later, our little Patrick was born and has been the most amazing, little blessing.

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