Pregnant After Our 3rd IVF Transfer

My husband Tim and I wanted to have kids just like most families. After about a year we wondered why we weren’t conceiving. After seeing a few doctors and doing several tests we couldn’t figure out why I wasn’t getting pregnant. We felt God leading us to take a break and just be for a while because we weren’t sure where to go from there.

About a year later, and still trying to conceive, my friend Kylee invited me to a Moms in the Making support group! It was amazing to relate and see women who understood and cared about our situation and how it was so Christ-centered. I knew women were supporting me and praying for me. Those same women encouraged me to possibly go to a new doctor or even try IUI and IVF. We prayed and felt God leading us to an infertility doctor.

We found an amazing doctor who knew exactly what we needed and what we were wanting to do. With more testing we found out we had male factor infertility. We tried an IUI but we weren’t even able to do the procedure. Our hearts were broken because financially we could not afford IVF. After some prayers, we felt God saying IVF was it and He would provide! At first, we had no clue how we would get the money. But, through family, friends, and money we raised from garage sales, we were able to get enough to start the process.

Once we started the IVF process we transferred one embryo in November 2018 and miscarried our sweet Emerie girl. We then transferred another sweet embryo in June 2019 and lost our sweet boy. Finally, we got our miracle baby girl who was born this past June! All the heartache we went through led us to her! God had a plan for our sweet girl. If it wasn’t for Moms in the Making, we may never have pursued IVF or even search for new doctors. The women also helped me so much emotionally and supported me in every situation. I am so grateful for our miracle and I hope my testimony encourages you!

Brenna Balog – Dallas, Texas
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